Monday, November 2, 2009

“Moving Forward” ……. with 3 E's

Thanks to President Frankie Lim for giving me this opportunity to pen a few practical points to inspire all of you. 8 months have gone and it is timely for us to ask ourselves a very thought provoking question “What do I want to achieve in Public Mutual?”, “Where am I now?”. As we are gifted with this “preferred business model” in a sunrise industry, we can strive to “Move Forward” by applying the 3-E’s in our business career -


Scientists have proven that everything is Energy and it is up to us to attract Positive or Negative energy.

“Think you can – Think you cannot – either way you are right”.
We all have the power to choose – you can Think BIG or Think SMALL.

Start every morning with positive affirmations like
“I am a wealth building Machine”;
“I am closing more Mutual Gold investors”;
“I am attracting big cash sales today”.

Nearly 3 years ago, I decided that I want to close quarter million Mutual Gold investors and true enough I was able to attract those investors to me.

Next come Enthusiasm which is affected by our belief and commitment in ourselves and the professional services we are offering. When you are excited and passionate about what you do, the chances of closing the deal is much higher. Remember the basics in unit trust investment, understand the economic clock & apply asset allocation. Every downturn or correction is an opportunity for investors to accumulate more units, so any time is a good time to invest.

Last but not least, “Emotional quotient” which is caring for the investors and treating their money like our Own. Service support and relationship building can add value to our “assets”. We are in this business for long term and we want to have loyal customers, who will in turn build up our “Asset Under Management” and give us a strong pipeline of Career Benefit.

As we have another 4 months to achieve our goals, my closing message is “Words can inspire, thoughts can provoke but only ACTION can bring you closer to your dreams – so take ACTION TODAY”.
By: Susan Tu (Vice President)

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