Monday, November 2, 2009


I was an insurance agent prior to joining Public Mutual in May 2005, so selling and educating my clients to save and plan for their future are natural to me. Initially, I did wonder about this business and income potentials with direct commission of only 2.85% (then) while it is as high as 40% in insurance. After my GAM, Lee Peng, shared that her monthly income was 5 figures after building her business for 5 years, I obediently attended all the trainings organized by my GAM and One Vision.

I built my client base through road shows within Klang Valley and my warm market. I also approached my existing insurance clients, friends and relatives. However, I do find direct approach in road shows more challenging. As the saying goes:- when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

First 2 years, I really spent time on building my client base. I juggled my time between my work and my family. Keeping me energized and confident all the time helped. Fortunately, I am blessed with an understanding husband and a good maid to take care of our children and housework. After three years, I reduced my road show activities and focused on servicing and getting referrals from existing clients.

My future plan? My promotion to GAM level. I plan to recruit more agents, especially from my existing clients and friends. I believe as a GAM, I would have more convincing power in recruitment and agency building. Nevertheless, continuing to attend trainings to further enhance knowledge and skill is still important. Being part of OV, I find that all the leaders share generously, especially OV "tai koh", Gary Chow, whom I admire a lot.

We are in a long term Win-Win business where our happy clients will be satisfied with their investment growth and we with our income growth . My vision for my business is to help my clients to achieve their financial freedom as well as mine. Financial freedom means "Have enough money and time to do what you want to do".

Last but not least, I urge all UTCs to chase for their dreams and make them come true!

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