Thursday, May 2, 2013

Up Your Ante

:  Dare To Dream

:  What The Mind Can Conceive & Believe, It Can Achieve!

Topic of the night - aims to lift up UTCs expectation level, so that a bigger achievement can be achieved.  Of course, it leads to a better life style too! 

MC of the night : Ms Ang has kicked off with 

a good motivational video clips.

1st speaker : Ms Lau asked leading questions to audience

 on their current satisfaction  level.

Audience being cheered up! Up Your Ante!

2nd speaker : Ms Susan Tu. 

Be serious on what you want. Do not count on the excuses & blames.
"Don't play-play"

Brainstorming section!

Feedback from audience : Key Areas For Breakthrough

Let's do the follow up on 29 July 2013.

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