Thursday, January 28, 2010


Kindly pls take note of the following:

  1. SD Form: all existing UTCs (joined us before 1/1/2010 i.e. last year 2009 & before) are REQUIRED by Federation of Investment Managers of M'sia (FIMM) to sign a copy of "Statutory Declaration of Continuous Eligibility Requirement as UTC" (the attached PDF file). PMB UTC CODE = Agent Code. You can submit to any Public Mutual nationwide branches during office hour ASAP on/b4 April 2010!! NOTE: You are required to sign this every two years!!

  2. PRE-INVESTMENT FORM: w.e.f. 12/2/2010,This form must be signed by clients n agents in the following 3 conditions:
    Switching to NEW Funds;
    All PII cases;
    Only one form per fund
    NOTE: NEW Funds, in this case, mean a new fund account for the clients and also PII case for agents.
    NOTE: Clients with PMO (ie. Public Mutual Online) are exempted from signing hard copy form.

  3. CPD POINTS: Compulsory 30 CPD points per year for every unit trust consultants. (Kinly pls enrol class for ur agency maintenance n promotion.)

  4. EPF submission:

Pls do not place cross on the address or numbers of the photostated i/c coz this will create unnecessary trouble for computer to read the document.

Do not enlarge the xeroxed i/c on A4 size paper.

Do not make the xeroxed i/c too dark. Also, the centre of the thumb print must be clearly stamped in the centre of the dotted box.

5. Master Prospectus: FIMM will randomly check UT agents closely on that! Kindly pls bring along Prospectus with you while having either appointment or roadshow.

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